Hustle, Routines & The In-betweens

Mayowa Samuel Onadeko

As an advocate for self-care and owner of a wellness brand, you wouldn't be incorrect in assuming that I've always placed my wellness at the forefront of my mountain of priorities.

In truth - I often fall short and it's a work in progress.

After a recent conversation with a friend, some light was shed on a new & simple perspective.

'one day = 24 hours
one week = 168 hours'

This made hold a mirror to myself and reflect on how much time I invest in my wellness.

The answer = not enough.

I feel as though this is something many of us are too often guilty of, and as a wellpreneur (not quite a real word but you get what I mean), I want to use this platform to connect with fellow entrepreneurs & business owners who I admire and discuss how exactly they balance their 'Hustle, Routines and the In-betweens'.

I'll be uncovering the tips & hacks they swear by & use in making the most of their days while maintaining sanity and a wellness approach to life.

So please stay tuned to find out who I'll be speaking to and I hope this helps you too.

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