Productivity: how to use Space, Smell & Sound to curb your enthusiasm.

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Nowadays there is an infinite number of elements to divert our focus & attention from where we need it to be. Do you find it hard concentrating on tasks?

There are a host of apps that claim to be able to help us with our productivity but to be quite honest, they can do more damage than good. Quite frankly, there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

At Mayowa Samuel, we promote simplicity by focussing on THREE factors when we’re in work mode. They’re simple, they’re effective and they’ll help you get things done.


As mentioned earlier, clutter is counter-productive so before you get started on your task, give your workspace a thorough spring clean. Organising is fun (for some); and it does the world of good to your brain, enabling it to focus on the task at hand without being sidetracked by clutter.



Scents affect our mood, it’s a fact. We use essential oils in our workspace to help alleviate stress and anxiety, and this helps us to focus on our task at hand. You'll want to make use of scents with energising qualities to ward off sleepiness, depression and other productivity-busters. 

Click here to explore our range of essential oil diffusers and incorporate them into your daily work lifestyles.



As you may know from our mindfulness blog post, we LOVE music, so we love incorporating it into our workflow as much as possible. We create playlists for different tasks, focus music if you like, and we find this to be an awesome way of zoning out and getting things done.


As we said at the start, they're simple and they work for us. Try incorporating Space, Smell & Sound into your workflow to improve efficiency and focus.

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1 Comment

  • Oh wow I really needed this post! Space, Smell and Sound – this is my new mantra!…hopefully it means the end of my procrastinating ways. Xxx

    Kath on

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