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Miracles echo in high frequency. FIVE ways to raise your vibration.

I woke up today. Alive, with the entirety of my fully functioning faculties, praise be to God, but like Nicki & Drizzy told you “To live doesn’t mean you’re alive” (Moment for life, Nicki Minaj & Drake, 2010).

I felt okay, knew what day it was (a Wednesday) and I felt active enough to go about my day, but then I felt something off, I felt low.

So, I sought wisdom & wisdom showed up, then I had in my mind a set of things to do to elevate my mind, body & spirit.

I hope whoever needs this finds it.

FIVE ways to raise your vibration.

1. Get up, get clean & get ready even if you’ve got nowhere to go

If you’re lucky enough to be WFH or WFB (working from bed as a friend of mine brazenly said to me) then you’re most likely deep into the casual nature of your comfort zone, but you know what they say about comfort zones, nothing grows there.

So get up, have a shower, hot or cold, whichever is your preference. Eat well, hydrate, moisturise, smell good, feel refreshed, light a candle.

I recall a day when I saw my dad neatly dressed & sitting in the living room with intentionality that commanded authority. He was watching a documentary with a cup of tea in hand and some biscuits close by, so I asked him, “where’re you going”, he said “Nowhere, but I’m prepared”.

2. Speak up! Find your voice, now’s not the time to be shy

Affirmations seem like modern day clichés, and for that reason many people overlook and downplay their importance or efficacy in our everyday dealings, but I guarantee you’ll have come across a few that suddenly seem to so relevant.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear” — Just another cliché

The absence of positive affirmations is a telling sign of the presence of negative ones. Talk to yourself, say encouraging things and don’t be afraid to look crazy. Make a list of 5–10 positive affirmations and repeat them throughout your day, make them personal to you.

Here are some examples of my personal ones:
· I am for signs and wonders.
· God perfects that which concerns me.
· My gates shall be continuously open and never closed.
· I go out in joy, and I am led forth in peace.
· I am more than a conqueror, I am a champion.

3. Two Ears, one Mouth — Now it’s time to listen

Gossip is juicy but is it worth the squeeze? Rhetorical question. When you’re waiting for the right words all words sound right, so be careful and be diligent with what you pay attention to on all levels, conscious & subconscious.

Find uplifting & inspiring content to listen to:
- Make a playlist with songs that uplift you & enjoy yourself.
- Look for relatable & inspirational interviews.
- Listen to motivational speeches

4. Meditate — Be your friend

Just like the affirmations I spoke on earlier (scroll up) meditation is often misunderstood, so let me help simplify for my fellow non-yogi’s. Meditation involves focusing your attention on your breathing while tuning out everything else around you.

The constant demand of our attention in countless directions leads to misalignment in our mind, body & spirit, and meditation helps you reset to default allowing you to become centred once more. You can sit in silence if you wish, or you can meditate to soothing sounds of your choosing.

Focus on the process not the duration.

5. Mediate — Be a miracle

No one is an island and even if that were the case, you can build a bridge. You’ve been through what someone else is going through or will go through and vice versa.

Whenever you extend your hand to help or heal, you raise the collective vibration and that is nothing short of a miracle.

Making someone’s day costs nothing and yet, smiles are so rewarding.


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