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Spring into wellness with citrus scents.

Smell the optimism.
Clear skies, high sun, gentle breeze
Drink water, mind your business.

Wherever your faith lies one thing we can all agree on, is that there is definitely something so very much liberating in our transition from the gloomy winter months (btw I love those too) into brighter, longer days of Spring.

Budding daffodils

As the shackles of winter fall off at the first sightings of Daffodils - envoys of Summer; things look brighter & we feel lighter, but if you’re yet to find an extra spring in your step I’m here to help you.

Spring smells like citrus & sweet florals. Lime, Bergamot, Orange, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang 

Citrus essential oils help to keep the air fresh & your mood high, perfect for both home & working environments. I encourage you to make use of sweet florals to help create a more subtle ambience as you find moments through the day to take a break, or when it's finally time to relax at the end of the day.


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