Frequently Asked Questions

See below for FAQs, however, do not hesitate to contact us directly for specific enquiries.
Where are your products made?
Are your products vegan friendly?
Do you offer bespoke services?
Do you offer candle making classes?

We make our (well, really your) products by hand in our south London studio. If you're ever in town, book a visit and stop by, we'd love to have you.

Find our operating hours here

We only use natural, sustainable ingredients in all of our products.

No nasties means no nasty surprises.

We take sustainability seriously and we work hard to scrutinise each stage of our processes in order to make sure that we operate at a level that is considerate of You & our environment.

check out our sustainability page.

In our one-to-one bespoke service we work with you to create aromatherapy products that are specific to your needs.

Please use our contact form to let us know what your requirements are and we’ll work together on it.

Our candle making classes are extremely versatile making them perfect for singles, couples, groups & corporate team events.

Each session is beginner friendly with a laid back atmosphere & refreshments are complimentary.