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I remember perusing my dad's cologne shelf, a mature & gentlemanly variety he had gathered from his frequent trips abroad. I was always attentive

I remember inspecting my brother's collection in his wardrobe for his latest additions, more modern & mainstream. I was always aware.

I remember the first cologne I ever owned, given to me by a beautiful and kind soul and although I am unsure (now) whether it was the perfume or the act, the moment for me is simply unforgettable.

Throughout the years that followed, I began to amass a collection of scents, never understanding how they are created, let alone their impact, yet always remembering how they made me feel. However, as curiosity outgrew vanity, I dedicated my time, and resources (& occasionally my sanity) to understanding the art and science of scent.

MAYOWA SAMUEL exists to develop exclusive fragrances for the home, office & travel with the specific aim of elevating daily lifestyles through aromatherapy & wellness.


Created to support aspirational & expansive living.

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