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Style meets substance without compromise.




Surrender totally;

Become light, & trust that even the storm carries you to your destination.

Safe & Sound.

MAYOWA SAMUEL creates products that help you slow down to the speed of wellness, sourcing the purest ingredients to craft signature blends for you to experience aromatherapy at home, at work and on the go.

Our recipe for luxury is simple. Stylish + Sustainable + Natural. Our products are made by hand & contain the true aromatic essence of a plant either extracted from the leaves, fruit, flowers, stems, root or bark. We never use synthetic, chemical fragrance oils developed in a lab as they share none of the natural therapeutic properties of 100% pure, natural essential oils.

Exclusive Inclusivity

Our products are made with the greater respect for sustainability, time and seasons, which is why our collections are seasonal.

Off-season items are available exclusively through our retail partners, or by request to our subscription box members.

Immerse yourself into our artisanal wellness

Curated to help you live better.

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