Our Story


MAYOWA SAMUEL was established in 2017 and named after the founder, Mayowa Samuel Onadeko. 

The brand was born from Nigerian & London roots, with the intent to enhance the lifestyle experience through products that encourage wellness and sustainability.

Drawing from personal and cultural experiences; MAYOWA SAMUEL develops products that transcend the superficial and enrich our daily lives, It is within this space that we believe style meets substance without compromise. 


"As the middle child of three, “blessed" with the smallest bedroom, I was pissed off lol. Finding creative methods of using objects and space to make the room appear bigger than it was became surprisingly fun, and eventually therapeutic.

At the time, I was unaware that this resourcefulness and vision was also a form of self-expression. Forward to today, with deeply mindful gratitude for style, substance, simplicity and sustainability, I present to you: Mayowa Samuel. 

Each product is handmade ( by me :) ), the ingredients we use are natural and designed with the intention of catering to the diverse nature of your daily lives.

By merging the eclectic energies of London and African art, culture, heritage and style, I aim to celebrate the roots that birthed me and those that influenced me.”

- Mayowa Samuel Onadeko