Mayowa Samuel is a brand born of South London and Nigerian roots. Founded with the intent to
create an experience of luxury that does not exclude, but rather invites and inspires all,
Mayowa Samuel draws its inspiration from an eclectic range of Culture, Art, Heritage and Style.

When creating our brand our main focus was on the Home, Heart, Mind and Soul; this meant that our voice
and our products would be carefully tailored to affect your mood, emotion and energy whilst
representing the diverse nature of your daily lives.

Named after our founder and run as a family business, we strive to uphold the value of community
and celebrate different cultures through our collections, products and the ingredients we use.
Each product you receive is handmade and hand-packed by one of us, guaranteeing you style and
substance with no compromises.

Above all,
We create moods.
We set tones.
We transform homes.

With love,
Mayowa Samuel