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Happiness is our default setting, Laughter is the reset button.

"Success is a life full of laughter"

Consider this, somewhere between your very first breath and the oxygen you draw into your lungs as you read this, you’ve transitioned from unburdened adolescence into adulthood with more responsibility than you bargained for, and much more on the horizon, but who did you let convince you that laughter wasn’t part of the equation?

As we navigate through this thing called life, we adopt baggage in the form of opinions, expectations, fears, doubts, ambitions, and desires of the people that inhabit our ecosystem — try not to feel so self-righteous; after all, we’re each both victim and perpetrator of this crime. 

Over time t
he unchecked weight of the accumulated baggage seeps into our consciousness, tarnishing the miracle of laughter with the stain of guilt, until we find ourselves continuously second-guessing whether or not we deserve to smile, but who said we had to wait for the all-clear before we could laugh?

Release the guilt of your past,
and Laugh
Offload the baggage without blame,
and Laugh
Leap out of your comfort zone, 
and embrace the freedom that allows learning to live according to your ideals.
Be kind to yourself, and in your definition of success, don’t forget to include laughter.


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